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The Benefits of Worshiping Satan

The Benefits of Worshiping Satan

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We humans are a selfish lot. We give to get and we are ace manipulators. When we notice that our dog likes treats, we use the hope of treats to manipulate him into doing what we want. Sit, stay, rollover. He has to earn that crunchy biscuit. Of course the lower animals aren’t the only ones we’re good at pushing around. Is our parent not buying us the toy we want? Throw the tantrum, call them names. Is our spouse not doing what we want? Break out the nagging, turn off the sex, or start giving them the cold shoulder—whatever has proved to be most effective in the past. It certainly is easy to get our way down here. And once we’ve mastered our equals, why not reach for some higher star? We discover that we are not alone in this universe. There are invisible nonhuman beings darting about who have powers that we don’t have. Hm. How can we get a piece of that action? And then there’s some super-powerful Guy named Jesus who says we all ought to serve Him. Well, what’s in it for us? Is Jesus going to let us push Him around? No? Well, then we’re just not interested. Ah, but He says if we don’t bow down to Him, He’ll throw us into Hell. Well, now we’re really not interested. Who does He think He is, anyway? Maybe it’s true that Jesus can make our lives perfect with just one word, but if He’s not going to bless us on command, then we might as well keep shopping. These angelic beings sound like they have potential. Oh look, they come in two different types: nice and nasty. The nice ones are all devoted to Jesus, so we can forget about getting any help from them. But the nasty ones are more than eager to talk deals with us. Well, this is very convenient.

It turns out that demons are extremely powerful. To hear them tell it, they are more powerful than God Himself, and they are more than willing to share their power with us in exchange for some worship. At last we’ve hit the mother lode. How pathetic are these powerful creatures that they actually get off on the fickle devotion of human beings? Manipulating this group is going to be a cinch for they are already so eager to serve us. It turns out the world is filled with experts on how to push demons around. We don’t have to look far to find some spell-casting sorcerer who can give us tips on how to sick demons on our enemies and make them do what we want. Bring on the upside down crosses, the pentagrams, the sacrifices, the chants, and the rituals. Oh, and it turns out that demons hate Jesus and they work better for us if we hate Jesus, too. No problems there—Jesus is that mean Guy who threatens to throw us into Hell if we don’t bow down at His feet. What’s to like about Him? It also turns out that demons really hate Christians because Christians love Jesus. Well, we certainly don’t want our powerful new friends to have any reason not to do what we tell them, so we’ll gladly hate whoever they hate and love whoever they love. It turns out the demons have a king named Satan who thinks he is all that. Well, based on the rumors we hear about him, he is pretty impressive. He also seems smarter than the other demons because he demands more from us before he’ll help us out. Well, fine, we’ll grovel at his feet. It’s worth it to get a chance to tell him how to use his power. Plus, Satan understands us. He knows what is important to us: money, fame, power, friends. And he promises that he can get us all of the goodies without us ever having to deal with bossy Jesus. Sweet.


So why do people worship Satan? Because they think they can manipulate him into giving them what they want. While God passes out the threats of eternal damnation, Satan lures us in with promises of earthly bliss. God offers us the chance to be lowly servants, while Satan offers us the chance to become powerful wizards and demigods. If we are foolish enough to think Satan is being truthful with us, then how can our egos possibly resist? Demonic power is quite real, even if demons do exaggerate about the extent of their power. Demons want us to think that they are all-powerful beings who have secured lordship over the entire earthly realm. They want us to think they are so clever that they can outwit God Himself. Okay, they exaggerate a lot. And even though we would never believe a three-year-old who says she can fly commercial jet planes, we readily believe demons who claim to be equal or superior to their Creator. Why are we such idiots? Because we want to be in control so badly. “Please, Satan, please, please, please let me have some of your power,” we plead. “You can have my baby. You can have my body. You can have my soul. I’ll worship and serve you forever.” And, after acting like he is mulling it over for a moment, Satan finally tosses up his hands and says, “Okay. You win. Your soul in exchange for my assistance. The deal has been made.” And then we get all happy because we think we’ve entered into some kind of magical contract with a mega-power who has positive feelings towards us. But in reality all we’ve done is groveled pathetically at the feet of one who thoroughly hates us.


Does Satan need our help? Well, does a boy need bugs? No, but some boys get sadistic enjoyment out of frying insects using the sun and a magnifying glass. To Satan, you are like a really ugly bug that is very fun to torture. Satan’s mind is sick and twisted. He enjoys hurting us. He gets high off of suffering. When God hurts us, He is like a parent who subjects his child to a doctor’s shot in order to protect them from some terrible illness. But Satan is like the creepy scientist who intentionally injects his victim with some frightening virus that he cooked up in a lab, and then he sits back to enjoy the show of misery. God hurts us to help us, but Satan hurts us for his own enjoyment. And yet scores of us are worshiping this creature and his demonic brothers because we are convinced that somehow Satan cares about us or needs us to help him advance his kingdom.

Satan doesn’t need our help to be nasty. To him we are like foolish children who are extremely easy to mess with. How hard is it for you to sneak up on a two-year-old who is busy playing with his blocks? You can chuck something at his head and then duck out of sight and he’ll sit there crying in pain with no understanding of what just happened. It is just as easy for Satan to set up tripwires in your life and then watch you fall on your face and wonder what went wrong. “But this isn’t what I signed on for!” This is the frantic place we always end up in when we start messing around with demons. One minute we’re begging them to come into our bodies, and the next minute we’re frantically searching for a way to get rid of them and regain our freedom. Oh sure, Satan will schmooze us in the beginning and promise us the world. But he’s merely treating us like we treat our dogs: waving the biscuit at us in order to get us to do what he wants. Sure, he’ll toss us a few biscuits at first—demons really do help people at times. They come up with temporary healings, they manage to get a few life events to work out in our favor, and they give us all sorts of hallucinations and sensual experiences that make us think we can send our souls out of our bodies, see into the future, and effectively cast spells on people. But of course the whole thing is a complete illusion—like a magician on stage who makes it appear that he has made his assistant magically disappear when in reality she dropped through a hole on the stage floor. Demons cannot do anything without God’s permission and He is so uncooperative with their plans. He lets them heal for a moment, but then later He reverses the miracle and all is lost. He lets them successfully pull off a few torments that are perfectly synchronized with the night that you chanted some mumbo-jumbo out of the super-secret book of incantations so you’ll fall for that timeless deception: “if two events happen closely together they must be related.” Then He watches you being strung along until the demons can’t resist the temptation to torment you any longer and they suddenly show their mean side in a way that totally terrifies you. And because you’ve never been in control of the situation, you certainly can’t make the demons back off. You need God to help you, but He’s not going to help you unless you submit to His Authority. Now you’re back at Jesus again, only this time you realize that He is your only hope of salvation.


Consider how easy it is for demons to give you the illusion of power. Manipulating matter is a very easy thing for them to do—as long as the Holy Spirit doesn’t get in their way. When demons want you to think you are learning how to cast spells, all they have to do is levitate a book every time you say a certain phrase and bingo, you think that you made the book move all by yourself. It’s total baloney. There are no such things as spells—there are just stupid humans sitting around vibrating their vocal cords and then pompously claiming responsibility for something that happened in the physical realm. How arrogant do you have to be to think that your mere speech can move heaven and earth? God can speak things into being, but He’s the only One. The next time you don’t feel like cooking, try speaking your lunch into existence. Sit down at your table and declare in a loud voice, “SANDWICH!” And then take a good look at your empty plate because that is the extent of human power. Not very impressive, is it?

We humans are utterly powerless beings. Oh sure, we can do things—but only when God helps us. The only reason you can pick up a hammer and build something is because God is sustaining your body and making all of your muscles function. But should He stop contributing His resources to the project, your heart would instantly stop beating and you’d flop over and die. Have you ever seen a girl play with her dolls? She waves them about in the air, sends them hopping through their doll house, and puts words in their mouths. She’s showing you how it works with you and God. You only wake up in the morning because He wakes you up. You only get out of bed because He helps you move. So wait a minute—where’s all this impressive free will that we like to boast about? That’s the part where you lie in bed thinking, “I’d like to get up now.” That was you, exerting your impressive power of choice in life. Of course it wasn’t enough to make your legs move or keep your lungs breathing, but boy was it free. Are you starting to see how stupid it is when we go around trying to brag about our abilities? We can’t do anything without God. We can make plans, but we are powerless to carry them out without His help. We can yell, “SANDWICH!” at our empty plates all day long, but no sandwich is going to appear. Sure God will help us get food, but only if we align with His will, and often that means getting off our duffs and cooking.


Now when God sees that you just can’t stand the thought of submitting to Him and that you think you’ve found a way to get around Him by snuggling up to demons, then He just might let demons toy with you. Demons know that your pride is your biggest weak point, so that’s what they go for. You want to think that you are more than a fleck of dust. You want to believe that you are some kind of little god who can make the molecules of the universe leap at your command. If at all possible, demons want to help encourage you down this road of delusion. As long as you’re busy thinking you’re all that, you’re never going to get around to submitting to Jesus and owning the fact that you are a helpless sinful wretch who has no hope of anything without Him. As long as you stay away from Jesus, you are going to be cutting yourself off from the only three Beings in existence who truly love you: Jesus, Yahweh, and the magnificent Holy Spirit. Why are demons so invested in keeping you away from your Gods? Because demons get high off of tormenting you. They love to see you writhe like a bug under a magnifying glass. And as long as you spend energy rebelling and running from the only Ones who care about you, you’re going to be running straight into the arms of those who hate you. You’re like a bug who runs towards the magnifying glass so he is that much easier to fry. It’s a pretty pathetic scene.

So there you are, sitting at your table with your ridiculous book of spells, trying to conjure up a way to make your lunch appear. If at all possible, demons will make a sandwich appear on your plate right when you give some verbal command. Then they’ll laugh at what an fool you are to think that you actually made the sandwich appear. When you start messing around with dark magic and demon worship, you’re providing wonderful entertainment for demons and they are getting a real hoot out of watching your pride puff up like a balloon. While you think you’re some kind of impressive warlock, demons are howling with laughter at what a gullible moron you are. While you go around boasting about who you cursed and where your soul flew to last night and how you walked through fire without getting burned, demons are spreading the word to all their buddies that there’s a new sucker in the human realm who is putting on a great show. Humans do not have power. Humans are specks of dust. One little puff from God, and we would cease to be. And yet those who steep themselves in demon worship just can’t stop telling you about how impressive they are. Do you see the pattern of deception here? Satan always leads us away from truth. God says that we are nothing who only become something when we submit to Him as our Lord and Master. Satan says we all have the potential to control the universe, we just need his help to learn the right spells.

So then, what are the benefits of worshiping Satan? They are numerous. We get to experience the wrath of God when we die. We get to burn in Hell forever for defying Him. We get to provide entertainment for demons on earth. We get to spend our lives caught up in delusions and boasting about things that we don’t really have. We get to suffer without any benefit to our souls. We get to experience the joys of having our souls slowly wither and starve. Wow, what a great list. Where do we sign up?

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