The Power of Demons In Perspective

The Power of Demons In Perspective

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While it’s good to understand certain advantages demons have on us—like their ability to manipulate our fallen flesh and pull off miracles on earth—it is equally important that we keep their abilities in perspective. Compared to God, demons are powerless specks of dust. The only reason they are able to pull of many of their stunts is because they work together as a team, not because individual demons have God-like qualities.


The term “omnipresent” means an ability to be everywhere at the same time. Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are omnipresent Beings. They are present in every aspect of every realm They have created all at the same time. There is nowhere we can go to escape the Presence of God, as David celebrates in Psalm 139.

Demons are not omnipresent. They can only be in one place at one time. To make up for this, they have excellent organization within their ranks. Good teamwork and an ability to rapidly share information amongst each other allows them to accomplish a lot and quickly intervene in troublesome activities on earth. Because they are limited in numbers, demons do have to prioritize their goals. They can’t afford to waste soldiers babysitting souls who are already steeped in rebellion and complacency. They are constantly on the alert for openings and try to choose strategic targets. This is why leaders in the Church who are obeying God can expect an extra amount of demonic attention. The greater your witness is on earth, the greater the victory will be for demons if they can take you down. The brighter your light shines, the more intense the battle becomes.


The term “omnipotent” means all-powerful. This is another term which applies only to our three Creators. Everything that exists is literally a product of Their imaginations. Nothing can continue to exist apart from Them sustaining it, which places Them in a position of absolute control over all that is.

Demons are not omnipotent. Compared to God, the power of demons is so limited it’s laughable. But since humans are also virtually powerless beings, demons seem impressive to us when we compare them to ourselves. It’s important to keep a firm grip on the fact that we cannot take demons on by ourselves. We have no arsenal for waging such a war. It is only God who can keep demons at bay for us. Hiding safely behind the Holy Spirit’s back is the only stance a wise Christian will attempt to take in spiritual warfare. When we attempt to move in front of Him and lead the charge, we end up begging for a beating, as the seven sons of Sceva received in Acts 19.


The term “omniscient” means all-knowing. Our Creators are omniscient. They know everything about everything, and Their knowledge extends infinitely in both past and future directions. This is why prophecy is such a basic thing to Them. When They describe future events, They aren’t saying what They hope will happen, They are saying what has already happened from Their perspective. Time is something They created—it is not something They are bound in as we are. Very hard to get our brains around, but this is not surprising since we are merely Their limited creations.

Demons are not all-knowing, nor can they see the future. The best they can do is make educated guesses about what will happen based on their extensive knowledge of what has already happened and the plans people are currently making. But with God constantly pulling unexpected moves on them and given their inability to control human beings, demons end up with more far more flops than successes when it comes to accurately predicting the future. This is why they try to keep their predictions as vague as possible, relying on our insatiable curiosity rather than their accuracy in discerning future events to keep us hooked on them as our advisors.


Wisdom is the ability to apply one’s knowledge in a beneficial way. When we say our all-knowing Gods are infinitely wiser than we are, we mean that Their wisdom is perfect, boundless, and in every way superior and more trustworthy than our own. Because They know all things and control all things, our Creators are the only Ones we want to look to for advice in life. Without Their guidance, our foolish natural instincts will lead us into all kinds of trouble.

From the human perspective, demons have an impressive amount of knowledge, but their application of it shows that they are absolute fools with no wisdom whatsoever. There is nothing stupider than to wage war against an all-powerful God and think that you can somehow end up the victor. The fact that demons constantly try to hamper God’s work on earth further demonstrates their inability to apply their own knowledge in a wise way. If they were wise, they would stop harassing Christians when they see that in so many cases, their harassment of us only increases our rate of spiritual growth. If they were wise, they would stop wasting manpower on missions that are doomed to fail from the very beginning, and instead they would collectively bow before God’s throne and plead for Him to forgive their idiotic revolt against His Authority which has caused them to be destined to spend eternity in Hell. But the very fact that demons chose to rebel against God in the first place demonstrates their wisdom has been lacking for quite some time. Apparently the principle that applies to humans applies to the angelic species as well: the more we rebel against God, the more He dulls our ability to make wise choices until our whole lives are being dominated by increasingly foolish choices.


Humans have always had an unhealthy obsession with wanting to know more about demons. Their sheer mysteriousness attracts us to them, yet God has warned us not to try and contact these beings or align with them in any way. When we stop to consider how limited and foolish demons really are, why should we waste our time pursuing them? What good can they possibly do for us? We are far better off spending our mental and spiritual energy in pursuing the only three Beings worth revering: Yahweh, Jesus, and the magnificent Holy Spirit.