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How do I find God?


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If God is real and He actually wants a relationship with you, then at some point He needs to confirm His reality to you in a way that makes you sure about trusting Him with your soul.  Until He does this, you would be a fool to put your faith in any particular religion.

If I know you to be a chronic liar, and you start telling me all about some wonderful friend you have on the other side of the world, at first I’m not going to believe you.  In the past, you’ve told me many things that were not true, so why should this story be any different?  You can describe your friend to me in detail, you can even show me documentation that “proves” she exists—like photographs and emails and text messages.  But all of these things don’t give me the solid evidence I really need to convince me, because you could have invented all of it.  You could have clipped the picture out of a magazine and created a phony email account that you send yourself messages from to make it look like your friend is real.  Because I’ve been burned by you before, I’m not going to believe your friend is real until I have a personal encounter with her.

This is the way it needs to be with you and God as well.  Christians can show you their Bible and they can point you to historical evidence that proves Jesus Christ was real and that He actually died on a cross and then came back from the dead three days later. But so what?  Jesus is not the first Person to ever come back from the dead.  The Bible Christians use describes many incidents of dead people coming back to life.  Some happened before Jesus, some occurred during His time on earth, and others occurred after He was gone.  Simply resurrecting from the grave doesn’t prove that a man is God. The Romans nailed countless men onto crosses before and after Jesus, yet Christians say that Jesus’ death was special and different in that it atoned for all of your sins.  Why should you believe this?  You shouldn’t until God confirms it as true to you directly.  After all, if Jesus is who He claimed to be, He ought to be able to make you certain of His identity.  Simply taking someone else’s word for it isn’t good enough.  You need to be convinced on a soul level, and that is something only God Himself can do for you.

How do you find the real God?  By calling out to Him in your heart.  The fact that you are wondering about Him indicates that He is already speaking to your soul and that your soul is responding to Him.  This is good.  In your heart, ask God to reveal Himself further and to make you sure about who He is and what He wants from you.  Forget about going for a particular religion.  Just go for God Himself.  The future of your soul is far too important to play around with.

If God really wants a relationship with you, then surely He knows how to reveal Himself to you.  If He is big enough to put this whole universe together, then surely it is a simple thing for Him to communicate His reality to a single human being.  If you really want to find God, He will make sure that you do.  Once you connect with Him, you will know it in your soul.  Meanwhile, let Him know how much you want to know Him by calling out to Him in your heart.  Ask Him to show you the real truth about who He is and how you can have a relationship with Him.  When He does, you will know what to do because He will show you.  This is not a one way relationship that you must try and guess at.  God is pursuing you as well, and He knows exactly where you are.

No other human can convince your soul about who God is.  Even if they could, you shouldn’t let them.  Just because an argument sounds persuasive doesn’t mean it is correct.  Just because someone else is confident about their beliefs doesn’t mean they’re not deluded.  For your relationship with God to mean something, it has to be built on rock solid ground, not some fickle thing that could be changed tomorrow.  You’re not looking for some fairytale to make you feel warm and fuzzy in life.  You are trying to locate a living, conscious Being who you can trust to guide you through life, death, and whatever comes after that.  Be persistent.  Don’t settle for anything less than a personal connection with God. Keep calling out to Him in your heart and wait for Him to answer you.  When He does, you will know it.

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