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Ouija Works! (But is that a good thing?)


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What’s wrong with playing with a Ouija board?  Plenty of people argue that it’s just harmless fun and they scoff at anyone who tries to warn about spiritual dangers.  But let’s be honest: why do we pull out the Ouija board in the first place?  Because we’re at least partly open to the idea that there really is a spiritual realm and that perhaps some of its inhabitants might be willing to chat with us.  The Ouija board has only one purpose: to contact nonhuman beings.  If that wasn’t possible, the game would never have lasted this long.  But the truth is that there is a spiritual realm and the spirits who live in it do want to talk to you.  They really want to talk to you, in fact.  So when you pull out your little human-to-spirit texting tool, you’ve definitely got their attention.  So far so good, right?

But before you start calling out to these invisible creatures, let’s consider what you really know about them.  If you’re like most Ouija board lovers, you don’t know much about anything when it comes to God, angels, and demons. You’re just in it for the thrill.  Maybe some of your friends have had positive experiences.  That’s all fine but you’re still playing around with alien beings.  You know nothing about what they want or what they’re capable of.  Consider the Ouija game from their perspective: why should they take the time to answer any of your silly questions?  Why should they give you tips about the future?  What’s in it for them?  Let’s be honest: you’re selfish.  If you really do make contact with some spirit being, you’re going to try and pump it for information that you think might help you in life. In other words, you’re going to try and use it for your own selfish gain, just like countless of other humans have tried to do in the past.  By now the spirits have certainly caught on to your game.  Maybe they don’t like to be used any more than you do.  Maybe they’ve come up with a few manipulation tactics of their own, and that’s why the Ouija board has such a fickle success rate.  After all, how hard can it be for a spirit to push the marker around the board?  Yet practice proves that sometimes you get clear answers, other times you don’t.  Why all the inconsistency?  Is there static on the spiritual line or have we perhaps become the targets of a different kind of game—one that the spirits are playing at our expense?

If your car was broken, would you rather take it to a friend who reads a lot of car magazines or to a car mechanic who has taken apart and reassembled thousands of engines?  You’d choose the mechanic of course, because his vast experience with engines makes his assessment far more useful. Your friend just thinks he knows a lot about cars, but in reality he doesn’t.  So also, when it comes to learning about spirits, you can either talk to the people who have had a few encounters with them and now consider themselves experts, or you can talk to the One who created spirits in the first place.  Who is going to be wiser?

Humans are arrogant creatures. Once we have a few run-ins with something, we think we know everything there is to know about it.  If a buddy of yours has learned how to change the oil in his car, he might seem like an “expert” compared to you, but compared to a car mechanic, he knows nothing. It’s the same with witches, mediums, sorcerers, fortune tellers, and psychics.  These people dabble around in the supernatural and then they think they’re some kind of experts.  They think they can get spirits to do their bidding.  But can they?  Who is really in control in these human-spirit relationships—us or them?

Let’s consider who’s doing the begging in the Ouija scenario.  You are.  You’re the one asking questions out loud and hoping some passing spirit might bother to answer you.  Obviously you’re not the one leading this dance, they are.  If they don’t want to talk to you, you have no way of making them.  And if they do want to talk to you, can you really stop them?  Do spirits really need a bit of colorful cardboard painted with letters in order to speak to you?  What’s to stop them from planting their words right inside your brain?  Nothing.  Your skull is hardly an impassable barrier for them.  They speak to people all the time.  Sometimes they say nice things, but most of the time they say ugly, upsetting, and scary things.  What if turns out that these spirits you’re so hot to meet really hate you?  What if they decide they want to hurt you?  How will you defend yourself against things that you can’t even see?

When you play Ouija, you’re inviting spirits to come and push around an object that your fingers are touching.  Well, maybe they’ll decide that they’d rather control your fingers directly.  Maybe they’ll decide they want to slip inside your body and make you do things that you don’t want to do.  How are you going to stop them?  You can’t.  When you pull out a Ouija board, it’s like you’re diving off a boat for a quick swim in the ocean.  You’ve got no gear on because you’re planning to just be in the water for a short trip.  But should something that lives in the water grab hold of you and start pulling you down into the dark depths of its home world, you’re suddenly going to find yourself in serious trouble.  No one on the boat will be able to save you because they don’t even know where you went.  Your lungs can’t breathe water.  You will be at the mercy of whatever creature it is that has a grip on you, and it will be quite doubtful that it snatched you in its jaws just to give you a friendly tour of its watery world.  It wants to eat you.

The same God who created you created the supernatural realm and all the spirit beings in it.  God says that the only spirits who will respond to Ouija boards are the kinds who intensely hate human beings.  They’re known as demons, and they are masters of deception.  They know all about you: your past, who you know, what you want, what you’re afraid of, and what all your ugly secrets are.  From their perspective, you are as helpless as a worm in a fisherman’s boat.  In less than a second, they can ram their hook through your body and there will be nothing you can do but wriggle in distress.  Demons are vicious monsters who find it hilarious to masquerade as beautiful angels of light and warmth.  They have found that humans are complete suckers when it comes to trusting their senses to guide them.  “If it feels good, it must be good”—that’s the general principle we operate under in life and it’s one that gets us into serious trouble when it comes to the spiritual realm.  Yes, you might very well get some spirit to communicate with you if you break out the Ouija board.  There’s nothing superstitious about the existence of a supernatural realm.  Demons are very real, as is their intense hatred of you.  If you want to wave your hand about in the air pleading to be their next victim, they just might take you up on your offer.  And once they get their claws into you, you’ll be the last one they take orders from.

Like you, demons have huge egos.  If they seem friendly and helpful, it’s only because they are luring you into their trap.  Like a man who baits his mouse trap with a tantalizing piece of cheese, demons know the perfect bait to use to coax you into their inescapable grip.  Should they pretend to be your dead friend?  Should they tell you the winning lottery number?  Should they paint a pretty picture of your future or convince you that there’s a crisis that you’ll need their assistance with?  Should they tell you sweet lies about how powerful you could become if you carried out their bidding?  Or should they pretend to be dumb and easy to control?  You think you’re safe because you can always put the game back in its box.  But there’s no box you can put demons away in.  Once you call them to you, they’ll stay as long as they want wherever they want—inside or outside of your body.  Do you really want to go there?

The God who made you warns you to stay far away from playing games with spirits that you don’t understand.  He tells you to seek Him instead because not only does He love you, He is the only One powerful enough to protect you from the spirits who hate you.  Of course demons prefer that you ignore God’s advice and play Ouija.  Maybe if you insist on putting yourself in harm’s way, God will give demons permission to hurt you.  After all, God has given you fair warning.  If you refuse to listen to Him, why should He keep protecting you?  Perhaps what you really need is to experience the power of demons firsthand.  Maybe then you’ll believe God when He says these are very dangerous creatures.  The choice is yours. Maybe you’re the kind of person who needs to stick your hand into a fire before you’ll believe that those flames can burn your flesh.  If that’s the case, don’t say God didn’t warn you.  And don’t expect Him to come rushing in to save you, either.  When you intentionally disobey the God who created you, a spanking is in order.

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