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Do you need other Christians to pray for you?

Do you need other Christians to pray for you?

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Many Christians cling to a strong belief that simply being indwelt by God Almighty isn’t enough to get you through the day. If you’re going to taste sweet victory over your enemies in the supernatural realm and live a victorious life in Christ, then you need the prayers of other Christians to prop you up on a continuous basis. Apparently we are supposed to view the Holy Spirit like a pump in a gas station. We pull up our car for a refill, but nothing happens until some prayerful Christian comes along and squeezes some of that Divine empowerment into our tank for us. Apparently it’s not enough that we talk to God ourselves—we need another brother to present our requests to Him as well. The obvious conclusion is that if we don’t have any friends at church who we can call upon to pray for us, then God isn’t going to give us the VIP treatment that He reserves for the popular people. And since Christians don’t really put their heart into praying for people who annoy them, we’d better make sure we stay on their good side. Let the flattering begin.

Who on earth came up with this ridiculous theory? That’s a no brainer—Satan did. The real mystery is why we’ve all gone along with it. Today you’ll find Christians drawing a lot of false comfort from the fact that they’ve got a large number of people praying them through some tough situation. The way they talk makes it quite clear that they think God would forget all about them if it weren’t for their friends constantly reminding Him that they exist. Yet where in the Bible does it say that God pays more attention to the people with a lot of friends? Doesn’t He have a rather long history of exalting the outcast, lonely, and forgotten? Yes, but for some reason, we seem to think that God pays less attention to us when we’re in distress, therefore it’s important that we get a whole bunch of people to bombard Him with the same request over and over again. This is a good time to remember that God is not deaf, therefore there is no need for all this repetitive praying.

Do we think that God is uncertain of what to do? Is this why we give Him such detailed instructions on how to fix our problems? Do we really think our wisdom is so superior to His?

“God please guide the surgeon’s hands during Jane’s operation this afternoon.”
Well, it’s a good thing we sent this prayer up because God was planning to take His coffee break in another universe the moment Jane was sedated. Once again, we’ve kept Him on the job.

“God, our brother George has such a powerful ministry on this earth. You can’t take him home yet. It isn’t his time.”
How tactful of us to tell God what He can’t do. How reverent of us to suggest that He’s about to make a gross error in judgment.

“God, thousands of Your people are crying out to You as one voice tonight. I know that You will heal Clara’s cancer in time for her to go back on tour with her amazing worship band.”
My, how intimidating. Thousands of us against one lone little God. How can He possibly oppose our will when we gang up on Him like this?

Who are we kidding, Christians? God never authorized us to boss Him around. He invites us to make REQUESTS, not commands. And if we really think that well-timed prayers are what’s getting us safely through this life, we have let our own arrogance delude us. God is the One who takes care of us down here, and we owe Him a huge debt of gratitude for refusing to let us play the part of His instructors.

When we find ourselves in a depressed state of mind, with a failing ministry, or feeling spiritually oppressed, instead of ringing up the head of the prayer chain, we need to go directly to God and ask Him to help us learn whatever it is He’s trying to teach us. Every trial is a learning opportunity. Every hassle, demon, and danger that God brings into our lives is an attempt to draw us closer to Him. When we refuse to focus on Him and instead start calling on other Christians to get on their knees and raise us up some shields of protection, we completely miss the lesson AND we spiritually regress. Any doctrine, theory, or ritual which is founded on the idea that God is not enough for us reeks of demonic deception. Of course God is enough for us. Fallen human beings will never see the day that they amplify His power, force Him into action, or add to His perfect magnificence. We must step out of this extreme arrogance and return to a mindset of total dependency and reverential submission. It isn’t reverent to suggest that God is insufficient and lacking. It is totally insulting to Him when we so brazenly flaunt our distrust of Him in His face by begging other Christians to support us through prayer. If this is where you are at, then you need to ask the Holy Spirit to get you back into alignment with Him. This is an unacceptable way to treat our God. He alone is our all-sufficient King. He alone saved us from an eternity in Hell. He alone will carry us through the gate of death into the next life. It’s time for us to get our priorities back in line with truth. NO ONE can add to or improve upon our glorious King.

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