Understanding Prayer: Can Other Christians Turn God Against You?

Understanding Prayer: Can Other Christians Turn God Against You?

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Sometimes your devotion to the Lord starts threatening your brothers down at the old church house. When their usual strategies fail to force you off the course of obedience, then they accuse you of being a servant of Satan. If you’re really ticking them off, then they get out the big guns: they decide to take you down with prayer. And they let you know, of course, because they want to intimidate you as quickly as possible. Naturally they assume God is going to side with them against you. What a crock.

If you’re currently the target of hostile prayers from other Christians and it’s upsetting you, then it’s time to review some basics about how prayer works. God is not some brainless nitwit who relies on humans beings to tell Him how He should spend His power. He also doesn’t let twerpy humans choose His friends for Him. God makes up His own mind about who He likes and whose stubborn backside needs to be united with the Divine rod of discipline. Whenever a bunch of pompous Christians try to sick God on His faithful servants, they will find that God isn’t quite as well trained as they thought. Instead of attacking their enemies for them, God will give them exactly what their evil intentions deserve.

Christians cannot harm you with their hostile prayers any more than witches can harm you with their demonic curses. All anyone can do is drop a request in the supernatural realm’s suggestion box. If God doesn’t like the request, He vetoes it. No demon is going to attack you without His permission, and He certainly isn’t going to turn against you just because a bunch of born again Satan helpers can’t stand the bright light that you’re shining in their faces.

Be clear on this point: when you’re living in alignment with God, other people will respond to you the way that they are ALREADY responding to the Holy Spirit in their hearts. That includes other Christians. So when you know you’re obeying God and all of a sudden a bunch of your brothers in the Lord start getting all huffy and defensive, what does that tell you about their inner heart attitudes? There are a whole lot of souls in the Church today who claim to follow Christ yet they are extremely uncomfortable whenever they sense His aura shining through someone else. There are a lot of Christians who claim to be in the center of God’s will while they do everything in their power to block God’s will from going forward. These people will get what they have coming to them. You need to leave justice in the Lord’s hands and not waste time focusing on these jokers who are so arrogant that they actually think they can stop God from doing what He wants to do. Remember that when God wants you to do something, He will open doors that no one can shut, and He will forcibly remove any human who tries to stand in His way. NO ONE stops God from accomplishing His will down here. Stay focused on pleasing Him with your life and forget about these punks who are trying to pray you down. Whenever you start to feel intimidated by the numbers joining against you, just remember our brother Noah. The whole world stood against one man who only had God on his side. What happened? God simply washed the whole world away. So much for having strength in numbers.

When you know that you are living in alignment with the Holy Spirit by desiring for God to have His total way in your life, then you’ve got nothing to be afraid of. God will be with you, He will empower you to do what He wants you to do, and He will finish any battle that rebel Christians try to start.