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Is getting drunk in the Spirit worth an eternal hangover?

Is getting drunk in the Spirit worth an eternal hangover?

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It is to the Church’s great shame that we can now say to any Christian who wants to get drunk, anointed, on fire, or slain in the Holy Spirit: “No problem. Just go pull up a local listing of churches and there will be someone who can hook you up.” Thanks to thousands of Christians leaving their Shepherd to go running after demon-led leaders, teachers, prophets and healers, we now have Christian churches all over the world who offer you the chance to experience involuntary physical convulsions in the Name of Jesus.

The term “Christian” means less every day, doesn’t it?

Now before you decide to go running off to experience an “impartation of the Spirit”, let’s ask a few questions. Do you have any idea how to tell the difference between your soul and your emotions? No, you don’t. Christians rely heavily on context to determine how to categorize their internal experiences. They assume that any intense emotional experience they have while participating in a church service must be “from God.” What a crock. But this is what we think. When we rock out to some carnal radio hit on the way into work, we don’t try to say we felt the Holy Ghost fall. But when the gunning guitars and huge amps in a church building get our blood racing, well then it’s “spiritual”. Then it was an “anointed” experience. Then we “really felt God move.” This is how stupid we are. “Stupid” is a harsh word, but it fits us. When it comes to discerning the difference between our emotions and our spirits, we are total morons.

Step one in not being led astray by Satan is to admit that apart from God, you are a complete idiot. You have no possible hope of defending yourself from spiritual harm by relying on your own pathetic brain. If the harshness of these statements bothers you, then you are in serious danger of being led astray. There’s no room for pride when it comes to spiritual discernment, and this post is being worded harshly on purpose in order to point out to you just how real your pride is. You don’t like being told you’re a spiritual moron, but you are. We all are. And while you’re a moron, Satan is a crafty genius. It is so laughably easy for him to deceive you. Taking you down is like fishing in a bucket. The only One who can protect you from being led astray is the mighty Holy Spirit. This is why Satan’s first step in deceiving you is to make you reject the idea that you are so dependent on the Holy Spirit to protect you. This is where your pride comes in handy. Your pride gets all defensive when someone says you’re a spiritual moron. Your ego gets all huffy when someone says that Satan could appear in your bedroom in the form of Jesus, and you’d fall down and worship him without the slightest suspicion. Don’t miss this sentence: without the illumination of the Holy Spirit, you are spiritually BLIND. You will have NO CLUE what kind of spirits you are dealing with when you go to one of these Holy Spirit hoopla sessions. When you go there, you’ll just believe what a human being tells you, and that is a very dangerous thing to do.

If a human being told you to put a loaded gun up to your head and blow your brains out, would you do it? Of course not. Yet if you’re like most Christians, you will go into a room where people are dropping onto the floor, convulsing, and acting like they’re, well, demonically possessed, and you’ll let a human being interpret that situation for you. If that human being—who you probably don’t even know—says to you, “What you’re seeing is the Holy Spirit coming on people in a powerful way,” then you will say, “Really? Wow. How can I get some?”

Like we said, you’re a spiritual moron. Only an absolute fool would let a complete stranger endanger their spiritual health. Only a total idiot would trust their friend to guide them in matters that their friend CAN’T POSSIBLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT. Do you ask your plumber if he can take out your appendix on his next visit? Of course not, but you ask other blind spiritual morons to tell you if you should open your mind and soul up to some supernatural power. Is this wise? No, it’s stupid. Stupid people risk their physical lives to play around with dangerous things. Really stupid Christians risk the anger of God and their spiritual health so that they can play around with powers they don’t understand.

Let’s be clear on this point: if you refuse to respect your desperate need for God to protect you from spiritual harm, He is going to send you right into that harm. Bring on the Holy Ghost slayings: God will give demons permission to send you convulsing on the ground in fits of uncontrollable laughter. You want to feel some of that “divine” love? Fine. The Holy Spirit will gladly step back and watch you writhe like a worm on the end of a demon’s hook. He’ll let them turn you into a desperate addict who is always looking for your next spiritual fix. God WILL hand His kids over to Satan when that is who they insist on playing with. No, the Holy Spirit won’t physically leave your body, but you’ll be so physically and emotionally jacked around by demons that you’ll get all the perks of being demonically possessed, since all you care about is your precious sensual rushes.

We Christians need to understand that God is thoroughly disgusted by how quickly we turn our backs on Him the very second some new sensual candy comes into view. What happened to getting His permission before we go and align ourselves with someone who claims to represent Him? What happened to WAITING on Him to bring His blessings to us instead of always trying to forcibly pump them out of some human dispenser? Okay, so a healer comes to your town. So what? He isn’t Jesus incarnate. Why do we chase after these miracle producing carcasses like they are some kind of demigods? Why do we ask them to give us things that God is withholding from us? If God wants you to fall down drunk in your living room and babble like an idiot, does He need the assistance of some arrogant glory hound to do it? And what use are you to the Holy Spirit when you’re barking like a dog or running around screaming that you’ve “got the fire”? God is anti-drunk, anti-freaking out, and anti-orgy. We’d know this if we actually read the Book we’re so big on promoting. The fruits of the Spirit are not barking, puking, and howling. Instead, His influence increases our self-control and patience. Where is our patience when we all go rushing up to receive our carnal high? Where is our self-control as we lie on the ground convulsing? Some honest introspection will reveal that the only reason we’re so desperate to have these things is because we REFUSE to trust God and we REFUSE to do things His way.

As a Christian, do you want hardcore evidence that the Holy Spirit is residing within your being? You have some. GOD SAYS HE IS. You’re just going to have to take His word for it whether or not you “feel” anything. This is called faith. Faith says that God’s Character is more reliable than anything our senses tell us. Therefore, if God says He is with us, then that is what is true no matter how we feel. God is with us when He feels close, and He’s with us when He feels far away. God also says that when we reverentially submit to Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we receive the Holy Spirit. Not just some of Him, ALL OF HIM. The Holy Spirit is not a bag of fries that dumped all over your car seat and now you need some human being to “impart” the rest of Him into you. It is utterly satanic to suggest that any Christian has less than the full Person of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of them. And if it’s true that you already have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, then where is the need for slaying, anointing and impartation? You can’t get more of Him than you already have. Let’s be clear: if the Holy Spirit wants to knock you onto the ground Saul-style, He is certainly able. But you’ll notice that He isn’t in a habit of randomly paralyzing you throughout the day. Instead, He finds you more useful when you are walking around in full control of your faculties. So then, if the Holy Spirit prefers you to function like a rational human being, why would you go to a place where people say normal is wrong and spastic is cool? When we go to these anointing sessions, we’re basically begging the Holy Spirit to render us stupid. Why should He? What’s in it for Him? Glory? No, because all the glory is going to the demon worshiping idiot who is laying his hands on people. God isn’t exalted by people imitating animals. He isn’t honored by people laughing hysterically. God is exalted when His people decide that trusting His promises is more important than stimulating their adrenal glands. He is honored when His people pursue Him with sober minds and sincere hearts instead of babbling at Him hysterically.

Do you enjoy talking to a slurring drunk? Do you find it pleasant trying to converse with a barking dog? What makes you think God enjoys your company when you work yourself up into some emotional lather, then say a bunch of things to Him that you don’t really mean? “Oh, Jesus, I love You Jesus!” No, you don’t. You just love the emotional orgasm you’re experiencing, and you’re thinking that if you kiss up to Jesus He’ll keep the high coming. “Give me more of You!” you scream to the Holy Spirit, but you don’t really want more of Him, you just want Him to toy with your nervous system so that you can feel exciting tingles. When we value God for what He can give us instead of for who He is, He is insulted. This isn’t hard to fathom. Wouldn’t you find it insulting if your friend gushed over you only until you paid the lunch check, and then she suddenly acted like you didn’t exist? So also, we Christians are notorious for busting out the “I’m so devoted to You” language only when we see the glimmer of a new emotional rush on the horizon. We really put our guts into corporate worship sessions because we’ve learned that “spiritual” highs are like sexual orgasms: mental focus and environmental cues have a lot to do with bringing on the rush. By repeating the same choruses ad nauseum, juicing the sound system, and dimming the lights, we’ve found that it’s quite easy to make the Holy Spirit show up on command. At least, we tell ourselves that it’s the Holy Spirit. Of course in reality, it’s just us deluding ourselves with thoughts, feelings, and visions that we want to believe are from God.

Thus says the Lord of hosts, “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who are prophesying to you. They are leading you into futility; They speak a vision of their own imagination, Not from the mouth of the Lord.” (Jer. 23:16)

We read these words, but then we keep right on believing that any suit who stands behind a pulpit waving a Bible must be speaking the anointed words of God. When the suit tells us that Holy Ghost power is flowing from his fingertips, we all get in line like sheep to the slaughter. What idiots we are.

If you want to get zapped with real Holy Ghost power, you’re out of luck. The Holy Spirit is God Almighty, not some trained dog who will perform stunts at your command. If you refuse to depend on His wisdom, if you refuse to believe the facts about your relationship with Him that He has already told you, and if you go sucking up to people who have lost all fear of God and promote themselves as dispensers of His sovereign power, then God will give you over to the humans and demons that you are so in love with. He will remove all wisdom from your rebellious little brain. He will let you shipwreck your faith, and He will refuse to let you know any intimacy with Him. If you are actually saved—which is highly doubtful if you can be so comfortable with treating God with such contempt—then when you get to Heaven, you will find God to be a Stranger who you barely know. The choices you make today will have eternal consequences. If you refuse to do the work of faith, and insist on letting your carnal urges rule over your soul as well as your body, then you will never know what sacred communion you might have experienced with God. When we mock God’s Presence, Authority and power by treating Him like a dispenser of sensuality that we can manipulate at will, we only hasten the day when His patience with us runs short. When you set out to excite your body, mind, and emotions in some blasphemous session of Holy Spirit mockery, you excite God’s wrath against you. Does God get mad at His chosen people? Does He turn their demonic games against them without warning, and leave them wounded, weeping, and begging for mercy? Read the Book and find out.

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