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Movie Review: Noah

Movie Review: Noah

There’s a movie coming out about Noah. Some Christians were given the chance to see it—the moneymakers wanted to test their reactions. The reports that have come out of those initial viewings are pretty alarming. Looks like we’re in for another butchering of the Bible. That said, the trailer that is running right now in movie theaters carefully walks the line, so as not to give us any warning about just how Satanic this movie is. Because the trailer is so good, and the special effects look so fabulous, many of you are going to go pay money to these clowns and reward them for completely deluding souls about who Noah was. Just don’t park your brain at the door when you go to see the movie. Ask God to give you HIS opinion of it as you watch. Remember that God doesn’t appreciate having His truth completely mangled.

God has given us very limited information about the Flood. With just a brief sketch to go on, there’s plenty of room for creative imagination. While some Christians are getting uptight about how many snakes are shown slithering onto the ark, such details aren’t worth getting upset over. No one knows exactly how the Flood developed and how much water came from the sky versus the ground. The movie shows huge jet streams shooting up out of the earth. It could have been that way. It’s fun to wonder. The man who inspired the plotline for this movie is clearly not a Christian, so we don’t expect him to be hyper-focused on accuracy.

The trademark of Satan is that he always pushes the complete opposite of truth. He’s smart, though, and very selective about which truths to flip around. He cares about the ones that will help guide souls closer to God. Understanding how much God loves us is one of those critical truths. The fact that God chose to save Noah and his family is a real statement on how much God cares about humans. In the movie, that theme is completely reversed. God doesn’t care about humans, instead He’s portrayed as hating them. And then comes the real clincher: God loves the animals more than humans. He loves them so much that the whole point of the Flood is to kill off all the disgusting humans so that the animals can live in peace. Animals being elevated above humans…why does that sound so familiar?

In America, this is the perfect time to release a movie about God loving animals more than people. Satan has been working hard to lay the groundwork in our pet-worshiping culture. We already have more and more Christians calling their pets their children, making idiotic claims about their dogs sending up prayers for those in distress and then going to Heaven when they die. Jesus didn’t die for animals, He died for us. Human beings are the only “species” God is going to keep out of this whole earth project. Everything else—including our four-legged pets—is going to burn.

When animals die, there is no second life. Animals have no eternal soul. From God’s perspective, some slobbering dog can’t even begin to compare in value to a human being who was made in His own image. From the very beginning, God has set humans apart as unique and priceless. We’ve responded by calling animals our sons and daughters, celebrating their birthdays, buying ourselves cards that are “from the cat” or “from the dog”, dressing them up in little outfits, and pushing them around in baby strollers. Such behavior makes sense for an unbeliever who is determined to embrace everything that God hates. But when it comes to Christians, such behavior is totally inexcusable.

What makes Noah such a dangerous film is that it completely reverses God’s priority system. It also makes the man Noah out to be some psychotic wacko who has no personal relationship with God, Who is presented as an aloof, brooding Creator. It also weaves in a bunch of dark magic and mysticism about people benefiting from the power of Satan and angels, which is sure to entice those who are suffering withdrawals now that the Harry Potter series is done. But aside from promoting the usual rubbish that aligning with the forces of evil can really get us places in life, Noah’s most dangerous takeaway is that God totally approves of our current worship of animals. According to the movie, it’s really one big bummer that we didn’t all die in the Flood. If those poor little animals hadn’t needed someone to look after them in their floating zoo, then the earth could have been properly cleansed of all human filth. And if psychotic Noah hadn’t copped out on his original plan to murder a couple of twin girls that his pregnant daughter-in-law was carrying, then the human race would have become extinct thousands of years ago. Bummer. Noah was weak. He failed in his God-ordained role as a baby butcher.

Edits are currently underway for the movie Noah. Apparently its investors aren’t overly thrilled by the reactions they’re receiving from the Jewish and Christian communities. But they aren’t overly bothered, either, because the release date is still set for March. That infamous ark will be drifting into movie theaters all across the nation and no doubt it will receive its share of acclaim for its special effects. God has done some pretty incredible feats in human history, and just the idea of witnessing a worldwide flood is sure to attract many viewers. Those who don’t know anything about the Bible will walk away thinking that now they have a pretty accurate understanding of a least one part of it. Christians who are already worshiping their animals will walk away feeling affirmed in their idolatry. Yet no matter how many fantastic movies come out that celebrate the mangling of God’s truth, His truth remains the same. God has warned us that He will not be mocked. We think His words are just an empty threat because we see no instant retaliation as we continue to come up with new movies like Noah, and we keep recycling old blasphemies like Jesus Christ Superstar, which grossly distort who God is and what He’s about. When we Christians are found laughing and applauding in the audiences at such events, we are merely sealing our own fate. God knows who is really on His side and who is only interested in a ticket to Heaven.

Americans love special effects. God’s got plenty of great ones in store for her. They aren’t going to be the kind that inspire laughter and applause—more like terror and tears. God will not be mocked. When He declares that His patience with this country is at an end, are you going to be one of the Christians He is gunning for because you could never be bothered to take His offense seriously? As Christians, we need to recognize that we live in a world that hates God. As American Christians, we need to realize that our nation is taking great delight in publicly slandering the One who has blessed us so richly. Another movie which uses the Bible as an excuse to promote Satanic principles is just one more nail in our coffin. Don’t be found among those who act like completely mangling the Scripture is no big deal. Don’t think it’s your duty to avenge God, either, because He takes care of Himself. We Christians need to be very good at identifying truth from garbage, but we also need to wait for God to direct how we respond to attacks on His Character. Abortion is wrong, but that doesn’t mean we should go out and bomb abortion clinics. Homosexuality is wrong, but that doesn’t mean we should start standing on corners holding up hate messages. Mature Christians should be outraged by God being publicly assaulted, but at the same time, they should not act without His permission. God cares about heart attitude, and He doesn’t want His people shrugging off garbage like Noah as if it’s no big deal that He and Noah are being portrayed as animal worshiping human haters. We need to be discerning, always seeking God’s opinion about the events around us instead of just going along with cultural trends.

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