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Refuse to Minimize Your Miracles

Refuse to Minimize Your Miracles

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Your life is filled with miracles that God is performing to demonstrate His attentive care of you. If you really believed this, you would be greatly encouraged in your relationship with Him, and it would be much harder for anyone to convince you that God simply isn’t that interested in you. For this reason, Satan is trying to prevent you from recognizing the miracles all around you. He can’t stop them from happening, but he can try to make you feel silly for using the m-word, and he has many strategies for doing this.

Suppose you have cancer and God miraculously heals you. When the doctor scratches his head and says he can’t figure out why the tumor just vanished, you’re ecstatic. You go riding out on a cloud of joy and praise God all the way home. You start telling everyone you know about the glorious miracle of healing He performed just for you. And then someone shrugs and says, “That wasn’t a miracle. You had chemo, remember? Medicine works.” You get rather upset and argue, “Well, God made the medicine.” The skeptic shrugs. “It’s just a chemical reaction. If I spray poison on an ant, it dies. If I put poison on a tumor, it shrinks. Big deal.” Now that someone has proposed a logical explanation, you feel rather silly using the m-word. This is where Satan sidles up to say, “God hasn’t done anything special for you.”

Or suppose you’re behind in your bills and your boss calls you into his office and explains that accounting accidentally miscalculated your last paycheck. Then he hands you a check for the exact amount you need to pay off your bills. You’re feeling exhilarated about God’s miraculous intervention until Satan sends someone in to say, “If He hadn’t let them make the mistake in the first place, you wouldn’t be in this trouble. That’s hardly a miracle.”

Or suppose your car goes dead on the highway and you’re forced to pull over. A good Samaritan comes along to help who just happens to be a mechanic and he fixes the problem right then and there, saving you the trouble and expense of taking your car into the shop. You’re feeling extra loved by God until Satan finds someone to say, “That wasn’t a miracle. The mechanic pulled over because he knew he had skills that might help and he was trying to be nice. There are a lot of people in the world who try to be nice. God had nothing to do with it.”

According to Satan, nothing in this world is a miracle. Babies are born because of a natural biological process. Diseases are cured because of medicine and smart doctors and the strength of the sick person’s immune system. There’s always a logical explanation that can remove the personal touch from anything God does in your life. If you listen to Satan, you’ll never experience the confident joy that God wants you to have.

When Moses went to Pharaoh to demand the release of the Israelite slaves, he threw his staff onto the ground and it became a snake. But then all the demon worshiping magicians threw their staffs down and made snakes, too. When God turned the Nile into blood, they turned some water into blood. When we see Satan imitating God’s miracles, we often feel like somehow our miracles become cheapened. Of course this is a lie, and simply an emotional game that Satan tries to play with us. Whenever God does a miracle in your life, it is an extremely personal gift from Him to you. You mustn’t let Satan distract you from this by getting you to look around at what God’s doing with everyone else. It doesn’t matter what He’s doing with other people—they have nothing to do with your relationship with Him.

God’s love for you is extremely personal, but this truth is very difficult for many of us to get our minds around. If He blesses ten other people in the same way that He blesses us, we start feeling like we’ve received some impersonal token that He grabbed off of an assembly line. This is because whenever humans do things in mass, their emotional investment drops. If you have to hand write five hundred invitations to your wedding, the names on your list will soon just become names. When your kid comes home from a birthday party with a bag of cheap favors, you know the parents didn’t buy those favors specifically with your child in mind: they found a good bargain and tossed the bags together in a rush the night before. In America, we feel obligated to buy greeting cards and gifts for family and friends regardless of how we feel about them. Because we’re so used to going through nice motions with plastic smiles and empty hearts, we figure God is doing the same with us when He tosses His blessings down like a man throwing crumbs to a flock of pigeons in a park. But God does not have human limitations, nor does He share in our hypocrisy and shallow feelings. God is never indifferent towards His own kids. He deeply loves each one of us and His care for us is unique. He intervenes in our lives with precise timing, He coordinates purposeful events and designs both problems and solutions to increase our awareness of how attentive He is to us every moment of every day.

God wants each of His children to feel especially loved by Him. Unlike human parents, who tend to bond closest to the children they understand the best and distance themselves from the ones they don’t identify with, God identifies with all of us and He finds each one of us fascinating in our own unique way. Let’s remember that it was God who put us all together—He carefully decided what skills you would have, what foods you would like, and what kinds of hobbies you would be interested in before you were even born. He chose the rhythm of your laugh, the pitch of your voice, and He designed the curve of your smile. The very fact that you exist is irrefutable evidence that God wants you to be.

If you are currently doubting God’s personal interest in you, ask the Holy Spirit to help you start seeing the many miracles He is doing for you every day. God wants you to know that He doesn’t just do grand things for His “favorites”—He does them for you as well, all the time.

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