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Christians, Horoscopes & Fortune Telling

Christians, Horoscopes & Fortune Telling

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It is very offensive to God when a Christian goes around saying “I’m a Gemini, what are you?” As followers of Jesus, we should not be associating ourselves with pagan astrologers or giving credibility to anything they say.

This brings us to the subject of horoscopes. Are you one of those many Christians who takes a quick peek at your supposed fortune now and then? Do you buy those cheesy mini-books on horoscopes at the grocery store so you can check out your future for the year? It’s time for us to stop these games and get serious about God. He hates divination (trying to discern the future) in any form.

Here’s a quick lesson about horoscopes in case you secretly believe they work. Horoscopes work on two basic psychological principles: generalities and human bias. When your fortune cookie or daily horoscope says “Today a new romance will spark in your life,” you immediately start looking for evidence that this is true. You can find evidence for anything you want to believe. When you catch a stranger staring at you in the grocery store, your pulse quickens and you think “It’s happening!” But in reality, the man is just trying to remember what else was on the shopping list he left at home. By the time you should be noticing he hasn’t called to ask you out on a date, you’re caught up in a new prophecy, convinced that there’s truth to horoscopes after all.

Many horoscopes use laughably vague language. “Tomorrow will be your day.” Great, what does that mean? Or “Success is in your future.” Yeah, yours and everyone else’s. We all succeed sometime. It’s especially amusing when horoscopes try to tell you about yourself: “You struggle with insecurities.” Brilliant insight, and one which applies to every human on the planet.

If you’ve become addicted to horoscopes, be honest: they fail far more often than they succeed.  And when they succeed, it’s often because you forced them to by viewing life through a very skewed lens.

But maybe Satan’s managed to really get his hooks into you because you’ve dabbled a little too long and deep in this field. Perhaps you’ve had a real live fortune teller predict something very specific about your future that no one could have possibly known. Let’s say she told you exactly who your future spouse would be AND THEN IT HAPPENED. Clearly the woman knows the future, right? Wrong.

No one knows the future but God and He isn’t in the business of promoting fortune tellers. These foolish people are mostly pranksters, relying on the copious amount of information you give them through your body language to guide their “predictions”. But a few of these folks are hardcore. They’ve tapped into a very real source of power and information: demons. Now demons don’t know the future, either, but they have a very effective communication system worked out amongst themselves and they have a perspective on humans that we don’t.

Let’s say the fellow you ended up marrying was named Tom. Perhaps your fortune teller even knew his name, although you’re certain she’d never met you or Tom before. No problem. Demons know both of you. They saw Tom pining in his apartment over you, trying to get up the nerve to dial your number. They saw you pining in loneliness, wishing God would bring you a new romance. They knew your friend Susie was a hardcore believer in fortune telling. All they had to do is inspire Susie to drag you into a fortune teller’s atmospheric office. Once there, they simply gave their very useful instrument some visions of Tom’s face so she could describe him to you. Then they whispered his name into her mind. As soon as your appointment was over and you went home full of wishful thinking, they leapt all over Tom and ordered him to call you.

The whole thing was a gamble, of course. At any point something could have gone wrong. You might have resisted Susie’s pressure. Tom might have proved to be a useless coward. But happily for them, it all goes well. By the time Tom calls you, you have been primed to be ultra-agreeable. The power of suggestion causes you to overlook any unattractive qualities Tom has and exaggerate the good ones. After all, you believe this is your dream man.

Prior expectations have a major influence on how we treat people. If you have already made up your mind to like a stranger, you will be unusually warm and receptive towards him. Massively encouraged by your response, Tom quickly proposes and you accept. A lucky break for the demons, who had only one goal in mind: to get you to embrace something God hates—divination.

If you show any spark of interest in this area, demons will naturally try to fan the flames. We Christians must be on our guard about this. Human beings are plagued with an intense desire to be in control, and this is what drives our thirst for glimpses into the future. Though they cannot see into the future themselves, demons will use every trick in the book to try and make you think that they can, thereby sucking you further into their world and causing you to revel in something God hates. Remember that we humans are merely the pawns in an ongoing war between demons and God. Because God cares so much about us, demons work feverishly to get us to embrace things that He hates and declare our independence from Him by trying to determine our own destinies instead of following His daily lead.

As Christians, we must stay far away from horoscopes, fortune telling, and all other forms of divination. The next time someone says “I’m a Libra, what are you?” You might just smile politely and say, “I’m a Christian.”

“There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For whoever does these things is detestable to Yahweh…” (Deut. 18:10-12)

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