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The Irresistible Lure of Supernatural Power

The Irresistible Lure of Supernatural Power

The thought of having special powers is quite appealing. Any kind of power gives us a reassuring sense of security and control. Supernatural power—that which defies the laws of physics and logical understanding—is even better. Whether we’re levitating chairs or casting curses, we’d all like a chance to impress and outperform those around us. Every human has a strong need for acceptance and belonging. We all want to be liked and loved. We’d all like to trash our enemies and protect those we care about. So when someone comes along promising us access to great power in some mystical package, we’re an easy sell. Our media constantly promotes meddling in the supernatural as an exciting and sensual experience. Book writers and film makers are constantly coming up with new, highly popular series which teach the same lesson: the ordinary can become extraordinary if they’re just willing to open their minds to the unknown. So what’s so bad about being a witch or playing with spells? Why did God command us to stay away from all forms of magic? Is He afraid we’ll get more powerful than He is? Not quite.

There are a few basic facts about supernatural power that every soul needs to understand. First, such power is very real. There’s nothing superstitious about the existence of a spiritual realm. Compared to angels and demons, humans are the biggest wimps in existence. When it comes to magical power, we’ve got all the fizzle of flat soda. We are bound to a physical dimension of time and space whereas angelic beings are not. This gives them quite an advantage over us. Spooky noises, levitating objects and other “sleight of hand” are ultra-basic to these non-human entities. What they consider normal, we are overly impressed by because we don’t understand how they do what they do. We’re like an audience applauding a magician for performing feats of “magic” on stage. The magician is just an ordinary human being who is using psychological principles and some creative props to create the illusion of the impossible being done. The toughest part of being a magician is keeping your tricks a secret. Once word gets out on how you do something, everyone stops applauding. We are only attracted by what mystifies us. Happily for demons, their secrets are simple to keep, so the attraction never dies.

It’s no secret that God is the most powerful Being in existence, and it’s really a piece of His power that we’re after when we play our little games. But because God refuses to share His power with us, we never get to be more than temporary channels through which His power flows. There is no lever we can pull to access His miracle performing abilities whenever it suits us.  This makes it impossible to use God’s power to promote our own agenda in the longterm. While we can try to collect glory in the moment, we’ll later have to resort to magician’s tricks if we want to keep a steady following using the lure of miraculous feats because God simply doesn’t perform on cue.

Once we figure out that God won’t share, we start looking elsewhere for a source of power which will give us that coveted sense of control. We think there are many different types of power available because there are so many fancy labels: Wicca, sorcery, I-Ching, Feng shui, etc. But in reality, the same ugly face is hiding behind every one of these masks.

Satan has only one agenda: the destruction of our souls. Since he and his fellow demons have been condemned to be tortured in Hell for all of eternity, he wants to take as many of us with him as he can. Since we must submit to Jesus as our God and Savior before our Creators will allow us into Their Heaven, all Satan has to do is keep us from submitting to Jesus until Jesus’ patience with us runs out. But how can Satan keep our attention? Well, he knows how much we want to feel in control. He knows that we’d love to feel like little gods, so that’s what he promises to make us. Satan is the king of empty promises. He’ll promise us anything we want to hear—anything that will keep us distracted from submitting to Jesus. But he never has any intention of keeping his many promises. Contrary to what you may have been taught, Satan doesn’t share his power with humans any more than God does. The difference is that God is honest about this while Satan lies. Taking on the form of some pretty spirit being, Satan tells us that if we will follow his teachings, he will help us evolve into some form of universe controlling deity—perhaps we’ll even become the strongest gods around. And then he’ll entice us with whatever bait attracts us most. If we like chanting spells, he’ll provide some spells that actually seem to work. Once we’re hooked, he’ll teach us more. From his perspective, it’s all just a trivial game of cause and effect which makes us think we are actually in control while in reality we control nothing.

Imagine yourself standing beside a tall skyscraper.  I tell you to command a ball to drop from the sky. You call out some dramatic spell, and at the same time my secret partner throws a ball down from the roof of the building. You look up and see a ball falling from “the sky” and foolishly conclude that you caused the ball to appear using your special powers. I pretend to admire your power while inside I am laughing at what a gullible idiot you are. This is the routine demons uses on humans all the time. They perform all the “magic” feats in perfect timing with our prayers, chants, curses, and spells.  Then they encourage power-hungry humans to believe that they have somehow altered matter in the universe. This trick is so persuasive that we humans quickly become obsessed with evolving our “special powers.” Pretty soon we are so addicted that demons needn’t baby us so much. The success of our incantations starts becoming inconsistent but we still keep trying. We become like gamblers—needing only an occasional reward in order to stay hooked. It’s only after it’s too late that we realize our entire lives have been wasted on illusions and lies. We were never powerful and we never will be—but by now we are dead and in Hell.

When God tells us to stay away from something, it is because He is trying to protect us from harm. God has our best interests in mind at all times. In the Bible, Yahweh commands His followers to stay away from trying to attain supernatural powers of any kind. He tells them not to try and peek into the future, not to try and contact the spiritual realm, and not to have anything to do with witchcraft and sorcery. When God says something is bad, He’s not exaggerating. Wicca, sorcery, and all other power chasing games and religions are very harmful to your soul. God did not equip human beings with the ability to handle supernatural power. We already know that we get greedy, pompous and corrupt whenever we get too much financial or political power—we see examples of this all around us. Supernatural power is all the more hazardous to our health. We can’t handle it, therefore God withholds it from us. Neither He nor any other supernatural being will ever share their power with us, no matter how many pretty promises they make. So obey God’s command and stay far away from playing with magic. He wants to give you things that are much more real and far more beneficial than the mere illusion of power.

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