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Strong Faith vs. Sensuality & Sight

Strong Faith vs. Sensuality & Sight

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Ever meet that Christian who is always getting direct words from God and it instantly makes you green with envy? And you think that you could be way farther down the road with God yourself if He’d just part His lips? Such direct feedback from God falls under the heading of “sight.” Sight is the enemy of faith, and too much of it stomps faith out of existence before it can really take root.

Faith is essentially trust. Trust cannot exist without the presence of doubt, otherwise there’s nothing to trust about. If you experience some adrenaline rush every time you pray, there’s no need to trust that God heard you because you can interpret your emotional experience as hardcore evidence that He is responding to you in some positive way. But if when you pray you get no such feedback—if you just sit there surrounded by dead air wondering if God is preoccupied at the moment—then the only way you can get any peace is to strain that trust muscle against that wall of doubt that is trying to crush you.

Because God made us sensual beings, we naturally crave sensual experiences, especially from Him. When someone reports seeing Jesus standing in their bedroom, you’re naturally going to feel miffed and rejected that He never appears in your room. What you don’t see is how insecure souls who are living on sight become. They’re like drug addicts, going from one high to the next high, desperately needing a constant source of rushes to confirm to them that God is real and that He cares about them. When God doesn’t “come” in time, they create environments in which they can force adrenaline highs to occur. Let’s make no mistake about why we’re so obsessed about worship music in the Church: we want those rushes. We need them in order to reassure ourselves that all is well between us and God. Music has long surpassed preaching as the most important part of any church service. This is a very bad sign, for it means we have grown very weak in our faith, unable to survive very long without a fresh infusion of sensual confirmation. If you can’t connect with the fact that God loves you when you’re acting like a carnal jerk, then it doesn’t matter what heights you soar to when someone turns on the bass boost and starts working the guitars. You’re trying to relate to God through feelings, and that will dump you on your head every time.

True intimacy with God—not just a shallow addiction to how good He can make your flesh feel—is built on rock solid trust which can only be cultivated in the absence of warm fuzzy feelings. Souls who are living on a constant diet of feelings and rushes, which they often relabel as “direct revelations” and “words”, may seem to be flying high for now, but they will quickly crash into despair the minute something cuts them off from their adrenaline supply. Such spiritual frailty is not what the Holy Spirit wants for you. He wants to help you develop deep, strong roots of trust that will keep your faith firmly anchored amid the strongest hurricane. Without strong trust, souls who depend on emotional rushes will be like so much confetti in the wind when that hurricane of trouble hits. God will not let us keep playing our games forever. The day comes when He forces us to do some growing. By volunteering to do the hard work now, you will escape the misery other souls are setting themselves up for by refusing to endure a season of drought. When Satan tries to get you to envy all the fun you’re missing out on, remember the inescapable reality that excessive sight strangles faith. Remember those Israelites in the wilderness who sang and danced after the Red Sea was parted in front of them only to decide God had abandoned them the moment a new challenge came. God has something far more satisfying for you than a life of continuous roller coasters. To have His best, you must learn to build your confidence on trust in His good Character, not on sensual rushes.

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