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Serving God vs. Serving People: Understanding the Difference

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You’re a Christian who claims to be serving God.  But is that what you’re actually doing?  Or is it just what you think you’re doing?  Do you understand what it means to serve God?  Most Christians don’t.  We certainly aren’t taught how to serve God in church.  At church we’re only taught how to serve people—people who tell us that we should trust them to interpret God’s will for us.  But should we?  Read more of this post

Recognizing Trust Lessons: Why God is Refusing to Give You Clear Direction


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When you are very eager to please God, it’s only natural that you want to be 100% sure that you’re doing exactly what He wants all of the time.  In an effort to secure that kind of assurance, it’s very easy to fall into a habit of casting lots or routinely asking God for clear signs before you decide on a course of action.  And yet once you start trying to get God to confirm your decisions before you act on them, you will quickly discover that He starts refusing to do so.  Perhaps He does speak to you through signs the first few times.  But soon He’ll stop speaking to you through them.  If that doesn’t deter you from trying to use them, then He’ll start intentionally deceiving you.  For example, in a fit of frustration, you might ask, “God, if You love me, then make this coin land heads up,” and instead God will cause it to land heads down or do whatever else you’ve set up as your “no” signal.  A couple of rounds of this treatment, and you’ll lose all confidence in casting lots as you pitch into a period of frustration and doubt.  So why does God do this?  Why does He intentionally frustrate your efforts to get clear direction from Him?  Isn’t He supposed to be judging you by your motivations?  Yes, He does.  Then why doesn’t He appreciate the fact that you’re sincerely trying to please Him by being clear about what He wants?  He does appreciate it, and He’s expressing His appreciation by frustrating the heck out of you when you try to get clear leading from Him.  Well, what kind of sense does this make?  This is what we’re going to talk about in this post. Read more of this post

Practicing Trust: The Prayer Journal Exercise


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The more we’ve been burned by the people we depend on in life, the harder time we have learning to trust God. If our parents ditched us, ignored us, or hated us, we expect God to do the same. Even if we grew up with fabulous support from other humans, learning to trust a Being who is so vastly different than us is extremely challenging.

How you pray tells you volumes about what’s really going on between you and God. It’s easy to tell yourself, “I trust God,” but do you really? The answer is revealed in how you pray. Do you ask God for the same things over and over again? Do you ask Him to take care of you, notice you, listen to you, and want you? These are all indications that your actual trust in God is really quite weak. We humans don’t ask for things that we believe we already have. We don’t repeat our requests unless we believe the one we’re talking to either can’t hear us or is intentionally ignoring us. Read more of this post

Enhancing Our Love for God


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When we first begin our relationship with God, who is it that we love? Not the real God, but a modification of the real God which we are personally comfortable with. To remain in this place of loving the God we have shaped in our minds might seem satisfying to us, but how satisfying is it to Him? Do you want to be loved for who you are or for who your friend wants to believe you are? What if your friend’s perception of you is a million miles from reality? Knowing this would hardly be a plus to you, especially if she kept resisting every time you tried to correct her understanding of you. Read more of this post

Applying Revelation 14: Harvest Time


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This is a continuation of Applying Revelation 13: Two More Beasts & 666.

Way back in Chapter 7, John saw 144,000 Christians get their foreheads marked with Yahweh’s special seal. Naturally those Christians were all Jewish in ethnicity and naturally none of them were from the Israelite tribe of Dan, which Jewish Christians have rejected as evil at this time. In Chapter 7, we learned how ridiculous this whole ethnic favoring business is, but when talking to Jews in the Bible, Yahweh doesn’t even bother to try and talk about other ethnicities being just as welcomed by Him. These ancient Jews have a raging superiority complex and they simply must be the stars of both this world and the next, so this is how Yahweh portrays them.

Immaturity and rebellion abound among God’s audiences in both the Old and New Testaments. Because of this, we find Him simply not bothering to even try to explain certain realities to people—such as the fact that the real Heaven isn’t going to be a glamorous replica of the ancient city of Jerusalem. To the Jews, Heaven must look like their favorite city on earth, or it just won’t be heavenly. Never mind about all of those other ethnicities that wind up in Heaven—they’ll all just have to align with Jewish preferences because obviously the Jews are the stars of the universe. Don’t miss the extreme ethnic arrogance that is being accommodated in biblical prophecies. Read more of this post

Voluntary Castration: The Solution that Makes Everything Worse (Help for Sexually Frustrated Men)


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When we find ourselves saddled with some very intense desires that are going completely unmet, the resulting psychological torment can become so extreme that we start thinking of some very extreme solutions to our problems. In the case of men who are trying to stay sexually pure in a sexually perverse world, the thought of surviving a life of celibacy can start sounding utterly impossible. Since God has made His hatred of sexually perverse activities so glaringly clear, what other options do you have? If you can’t stand being deprived of sex, and you can’t get your sexual needs met through morally acceptable channels, it seems quite logical to try and do away with your sex drive altogether. The fact that God has designed your anatomy in a way that makes the source of your troubles so easily accessible only makes the temptation of self-mutilation seem that much greater. Why not get castrated? Wouldn’t this provide an instant cure to your problems and let you finally escape this hellish existence? If these are the kinds of questions you are starting to mull over in your mind, this post is for you. Read more of this post

Confident Humility


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At first, the term “confident humility” sounds like an oxymoron, for how can a truly humble person be confident?  And yet the reality is that confidence is the foundation on which humility is built.  As we learned in the post Confidence that Pleases God, confidence is always rooted in some belief, and that belief is either true or false.  One very popular false belief in the Church today is that humans are capable of doing good works apart from God, therefore they deserve the glory for the things that they accomplish.  When we root our confidence in this lie, we end up with arrogance.

The truth is that humans are incapable of doing anything good on their own.  Humans can’t even breathe without supernatural assistance.  Humans are frail, powerless little flecks who are utterly dependent on their Makers for absolutely everything.  When we root our confidence in these truths, we end up with humility.  Read more of this post

Learning from Superheroes


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Telling fictional stories is a powerful way to make a point with humans. Both Yahweh and Jesus told fictional stories to people. Fiction becomes a problem when we underestimate its influence on us and don’t stop to really think about the messages we are absorbing. For example, watching hours upon hours of people brutalizing each other on screen has a numbing effect on you. The concept of people hurting other people ceases to be the disturbing thing that God wants it to be, and soon you’re thinking it would be no big deal to hurt someone yourself. Read more of this post

Why Serious Christians Must Question God


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What if God is really evil? What if Jesus is really Satan in disguise? What if God is just pretending to be all sweetness and love now, but He’s really planning to throw us all into Hell the moment we die? What if the cross was just a big charade that was intended to give us a false sense of security about how much God loves us? What if the whole Bible is a crock and Christianity is just a nutty tale that some alpha personality invented one day and a bunch of other people went along with? What if all the prophets in the Bible were high on drugs when they had their “Divine visions”? As a Christian, have you ever found yourself asking these kinds of questions?  How do you feel when you do? Read more of this post

Managing Fear: Help for Christian Soldiers & Cops


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Most careers in this world don’t involve interacting with people who feel highly motivated to kill you. But police officers and soldiers often find themselves in battlefield situations in which surprise attacks and premeditated strikes are a reality. While there are general ways to psychologically gear up for such stressful situations, the Christian soldier and law enforcement officer should not be content to settle for the generic prep that the world offers them. As a Christian, you have access to far more effective tools for combating and managing intense fear in the midst of life threatening situations.   Read more of this post

Learning to Feel Safe with an Unpredictable God


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Suppose you try to take a vacation to a lush tropical island, but on the way there, your plane gets hijacked and forced to land in a country that’s in the middle of a war. Everywhere you look there are soldiers with huge guns and angry looks on their faces. Bombs are going off in the distance. People are rushing around looking scared. Now and then a military tank comes driving down the street. You’re scared out of your wits, but your friend who was on the plane with you says he knows someone who can help you both out. You go with your friend to a creepy looking bar that’s filled with nervous looking people and lots of soldiers. Your friend leads you to a corner table way in the back where one soldier is sitting at a table with a drink. When your friend calls out a greeting, the soldier stands up. He towers a whole foot over you, he’s broad framed, and he’s so muscular that he looks like he could kill you with one punch. The dark expression on his face gives you the feeling that the man is dangerously unstable. He’s wearing a military uniform and he’s loaded with ammunition. Your heart is racing with fear as your friend introduces you. “This is X. He’s the best guy ever. We’ll be safe with him.” X? What kind of a name is that? You can feel X’s dark eyes drilling into you while you give your friend an alarmed look that he doesn’t seem to notice. Then your friend tells you to stay with X while he goes back to the landing strip to find your luggage. Before you can answer, your friend dashes out of the bar, and you’re left alone with X. “Don’t worry, you can trust me,” X growls. Are you feeling convinced? Read more of this post

The Resurrection of Christ: Why It Really Isn’t Critical for Christians

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The fact that someone is quoted by other people doesn’t mean their statement is true or profound.  As a Chinese proverb says: “Paper lets anything be written on it”—meaning that you can write something stupid or something wise and your paper will just sit there and take it.  So will the internet.  But what about your soul?  Is your soul just going to sit there bobbing its head and automatically amening every statement that it comes across about the Christian faith?  You are not a brainless idiot, so don’t act like one.  Instead, make use of the fact that the God of all Wisdom is generously making Himself available to you and ask Him what He thinks of authoritative statements others make about Him.

In our material, we pepper you with authoritative statements, but since you’re not an undiscerning piece of paper, you should not be accepting anything we say as true until you ask God what He thinks about the things we say.  After all, we could be putting out a bunch of useless malarkey.  Sure, we claim that God is the Source of our teaching, but what is that even worth?  A ton of people claim to be passing on pearls from God while they totally contradict each other.  Titles, degrees, and claims of authenticity are utterly worthless.  God is the only Teacher you can trust, so you need to be asking Him directly for wisdom in life.  Read more of this post

Salvation Song Bombs: OH THE POWER by Kari Jobe

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Spiritual discernment is about accurately telling truth from lies.  The better you get at discernment, the harder you are to con, and the stronger your relationship with God will be.  But wait—how does developing good discernment skills help you grow closer to God in your personal life?  Because God is the One who defines what truth is, and He’s never going to share much truth with you until you get serious about honoring Him with your soul attitudes.  God delights in souls who cling to Him like flypaper and embrace a mindset of “I can do nothing without You.”  This isn’t an exaggeration—you literally can’t do anything apart from God, because you are totally dependent on Him for every breath as well as for every kernel of wisdom.  The problem is that most Christians are clinging to the arrogant delusion that they are less than absolutely dependent on God.  Instead, they prefer to think they are actually wiser than God in many areas, thus they are qualified to constantly criticize Him in their prayers. Read more of this post

Debunking the Impact of Adam: Unlearning Lies About How God Judges You

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If my father hadn’t been an alcoholic, I wouldn’t be so messed up today.
If the coach had let me play, I would have won a scholarship.
If that stupid doctor hadn’t misdiagnosed me, I wouldn’t be dying right now.

Ever hear people talk like this?  Have you ever talked like this?  Blaming our current problems and miseries on the choices of other people can feel like a satisfying way to illicit sympathy while shirking all responsibility for our own choices.  After all, some jerk raped you, and that means you now have a free pass to wallow in a victim mentality for the rest of your life.  Or maybe you feel you can trace back your current health problems to the fact that your mother tried to have you aborted when you were still in her womb.  Now you can blame her for everything while you play the part of the eternal martyr.  See how it works?  It’s fun to blame other people.  It’s satisfying to point the blame in any direction but towards ourselves and make up all kinds of fantasies about how perfect our lives would have been if other humans hadn’t sabotaged us with their rotten choices or malicious actions.  But here’s the problem with playing the blame game: if God doesn’t agree to play as well, then we’re going to end up in a heap of trouble.  You see, we don’t get to judge ourselves. God is the One who judges us, and that means that we need to get an accurate understanding of how His judgment system works.  Read more of this post

Using Psychedelic Drugs in Your Search for Healing & Truth: Why It’s a Bad Idea

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Throughout human history, the use of psychedelic drugs has been enormously popular.  Because humans feel that their earthsuits are a central part of their existence, they have always been intensely fascinated by anything which evokes strong sensations in their earthsuits.  A strong shot of caffeine can quickly result in an improved mood and a higher level of energy—what’s not to like about that?  The right kind of sexual stimulation can result in an intense orgasm, and many humans find themselves addicted to that particular kind of rush, while others prefer a good massage or a terrifying movie.  Just as you can cause your car’s engine to rev by pressing down on the accelerator while you’re in a neutral gear, there are many ways that you can rev your earthsuit.  You can stimulate it physically, sexually, emotionally or mentally.  And once you rev one area, the others will be affected as well.  But here’s where we come to the important question: what’s the value in intentionally jolting your earthsuit?  What’s the value of revving your car’s engine while it’s in a neutral gear?  Because you’re not in drive, you’re not moving forward, you’re just forcing the machine to exhaust itself by going through useless motions.  What happens if you keep the accelerator pressed all the way down while the car is stuck in neutral?  Eventually you’ll do damage to the machine, because cars were designed for specific purposes and they have limitations.  If you don’t respect those purposes or those limitations, you’ll end up permanently damaging the car until it can no longer do what it was designed to do.  In the same way, if you don’t respect the purposes or limitations of the earthsuit God has given you and if you go through life forcing it to rev just because you can, you will end up permanently damaging it.  Read more of this post

Understanding Repentance

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God judges you by your soul’s response to Him.  Once God establishes a relationship with you, you constantly make choices about how you will treat Him in that relationship, and those choices are what determine whether God is pleased or displeased with you.

Humans judge you by how you behave—especially by how you behave towards other humans.  Humans have strong opinions about how you ought to treat them, and if you don’t meet their expectations, then they dislike you.  Read more of this post

Confession, Penance & the Old Covenant Sacrificial System: Unlearn the Lies

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From the time of Moses to the death of Christ, Yahweh’s Old Covenant was in effect—a Covenant which the religion of Judaism claims to be based on, although in practice, modern day Judaism is a carnal mess.  During the days of the Old Covenant, there were many special rules about how sin was to be handled, and all Christians should have a basic understanding of what some of those rules were.  But here’s the problem: modern day Christian leaders are doing an abysmal job of educating people about how the Old Covenant worked.  The information we’re about to present to you is information that most of you will never hear taught in any church.  The Old Testament sacrificial system is one of those topics that Christian teachers avoid like a plague.  Why?  Well, most of them don’t understand how it works because they were never taught, and they just don’t care.  Among the few who do understand how the sacrificial system worked, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who wants you to make the connections we’re going to spell out for you in this post.  Why?  Because keeping you in the dark about the sacrificial system is extremely profitable for Christian teachers. Don’t believe it?  When’s the last time you fell for the fat lie that God commands Christians to tithe?  When’s the last time you actually paid some inflated ego money to share his knowledge with you because you were so impressed with the fact that he knew the Bible better than you did?  As long as you think your spiritual leaders have some huge advantage over you, you’ll adore them, obey them, pay them, and follow them.  If you think that kind of thing isn’t addictive, you need to think again (see Shady Shepherd Tactics: Gaining Rank).  Read more of this post

Witnessing Realities: Why Your Testimony Is Irrelevant

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Here’s a common stream of logic that is used by Christian leaders when they are discussing the subject of evangelism.

  • There are many people in the world who have never submitted to God, either out of ignorance or because they’re choosing to embrace an attitude of spiritual rebellion.
  • As an individual Christian, it’s your spiritual duty to try and persuade unbelievers to convert to your religion so that God’s Kingdom will grow. Witnessing—the verbal sharing of your faith with others—is a critical way that you do this.
  • There are many ways to approach witnessing. One of the most effective ways is to share your personal testimony.  In other words, you should tell others about why you became a Christian, and what God has done for you.  Since well-stated testimonies are the most convincing, take some time to work out what your testimony is.  Practice saying it until you’ve got a nice, polished story.  Then get out there and start pitching God to unbelievers and see how many new converts you can herd into His Kingdom.

Read more of this post

Shady Shepherd Tactics: Delivering You From Spirit Spouses

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Here’s how it works in the world of Christian deliverance ministries.  First, you pick an issue that a ton of humans struggle with.  The juicier the issue is, the better. You want to go for a problem that frequently results in shame, heartache, or embarrassment.  Once you pick the issue, you then go on to the next step: demonize it.  Here’s where you make up some cockamamie story about how anyone who struggles with this issue only struggles with it because they’ve become some pawn of evil forces which are out to get them.  If you’re not an imaginative person, then borrow from the pagans, because they’ve got spiritually terrorizing people down to an art.  Once you’ve come up with a nice horrifying explanation for why people struggle with the issue you’ve picked, then you set up shop on the internet or in a church and you wait for a nice vulnerable victim to come stumbling into your lair.  You want someone who shows signs of being distressed, broken, or traumatized.  The more wounded they are, the more desperate they are, and the more likely they’ll be to believe whatever you tell them.  Here’s where you unleash your horror story on them about how the problems they are telling you about are sure indicators that they are in some great spiritual crisis.  And once you’ve successfully convinced them that they are helplessly locked in the clutches of some super powerful, super evil entity, you magnanimously offer to deliver them.  Isn’t that nice of you? Read more of this post

Dealing with Ghosts: Essential Facts & Effective Defenses

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In this post, we’re going to teach you about ghosts.  If you think ghosts are cool, realize that you’re seriously lacking in spiritual wisdom.  There’s nothing cool, entertaining or safe about ghosts.  We aren’t discussing this subject to entertain spiritual morons and rebels who think they can flirt with supernatural beings and come out unscathed.  The purpose of this post is to help people who are sincerely interested in making wise spiritual choices.  Read more of this post

Numerology, Gematria & Bible Codes: Being Stupid with Numbers

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Here’s how it works in the world of numerology.  First, you pick a number—any number.  Then you randomly pluck some concept out of the air that you want to associate with that number.  For example, you might decide that the number 4 represents healing.  Once you accept your own baloney as truth, then you start peddling it to other people.  So when your friend Judy finds out that she has a terminal illness and she comes to you for help, you say something like, “Take heart, Judy.  I’m sure you’ll be healed.  Look: four ducks are swimming in the pond, and four is the number of healing.  Clearly those ducks are a sign from God telling you that He’s promising to give you total healing.”  This is the kind of moron you turn into when you go down the road of numerology. Read more of this post